Critics’ Reviews

'Pulse-poundingly entertaining'
Time Out

'Really exciting theatre- don’t miss it!'
Jonathan Ross

'If you don’t leave the theatre feeling shaken, stirred and thoroughly entertained I applaud you for having nerves of steel'

'Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman's horror play does a fine job of intriguing, amusing, unsettling (there is a typo) and, yes, scaring the willies out of you. Dyson and Nyman... know how to make hokum plausible and vivid.

It's short, sharp and shockingly good fun. There's a reason... this show broke all Box Office records in its runs in Liverpool and Hammersmith this year'
Times, Dominic Maxwell - Thursday 15 July

'Jump-out-of-your-seat shocks'
Time Out

'A supremely entertaining thrill-ride'
City AM

'Stage magic and humour of the blackest kind'
Times Literary Supplement

'It's funny. It's gripping. It's entertaining. As for the fear factor, Ghost Stories makes The Woman in Black look like Hairspray.'
The Stage

'Ghost Stories delivers - and it's a game that fear is playing to win.'

'An immaculately crafted evening of entertainment - you'll have a scream'
Time Out - Critics' Choice

'Brilliant and deeply unsettling. For 80 interval-free minutes the tension is ratcheted up with great skill and some stunning coups de theatre. Leaves the viewer feeling seriously spooked.'
Daily Telegraph

'A pant-wetter of a night. It's terrifying'
Daily Mail

'I suspect that Ghost Stories may prove a cult success'
Evening Standard

'Yes, I gulped and others screeched'
The Times

'They tease, making us wait on the edge of our seat, hearts in mouths, gripping whatever and whoever we can.'
Official London Theatre Guide

'Hugely entertaining piece of theatre.'
The Stage

'I was hoping the warning was overdoing it, but it isn't exaggerated hype... it does everything it claims. Brilliantly scary.'
Daily Express

'Genuine scary fun.'
Sunday Times

'You hear a sound you rarely hear in the stalls: a gasp.'

'Its horrible fun, performed with chilling relish... Submit to this dark delight.'

'Superb... It's a thrill ride. The staging of the numerous 'scare moments' is exemplary.'
British Theatre Guide

'Mixes fairground ride tricks with psychological warfare and a vicious dark humour. A perfectly constructed piece of theatre.'
Liverpool Daily Post

'Moments that will make you gasp.'
Liverpool Echo

'Highly entertaining... It's not just the cinema that has a monopoly on successfully creepy horror stories.'

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WARNING: Please be advised that Ghost Stories contains moments of extreme shock and tension. The play is unsuitable for anyone under the age of 15. We strongly advise those of a nervous disposition to think very seriously before attending.